The Crimson-Backed Tanager Is A Stunning Red Bird With A Shiny Beak

Whenever we think that we have seen the most incredible creations of nature, nature always proves us wrong with something even better. The same goes for birds. With the existence of a large number of amazing birds, finding a favorite is a very difficult task. This bird called the ‘crimson-backed tanager’ is truly gorgeous, and it will surely top your list of favorites.

Crimson-backed tanagers belong to the ‘Tharupidae’ family and are also identified by the name Ramphocelus dimidiatus. All nine types of brightly colored tanagers are attractive in their own way, but crimson-backed tanagers possess a rather unusual beauty. In adult males, the whole head and the chest are maroon-red colored, and a silver sheen can be seen in their lower mandible. The color changes to a bright red on its lower back and abdomen. The female birds, however, are duller with blackish underparts.


Crimson-backed tanager
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Crimson-backed tanager
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These stunning birds are native to South and Central America. They are most commonly found in Colombia, Venezuela. and Panama, and they have been introduced to French Polynesia. The natural habitats of these birds are subtropical forests, tropical moist lowland forests, and former forests that are heavily degraded. They measure around 7.1 inches in length, and they prefer to live in flocks.


Crimson-backed tanager
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Crimson-backed tanager
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Crimson-backed teenagers lay blue eggs with black dots. Although the number of eggs laid per season has not been estimated yet, these birds do not face any threats of extinction.


Creations of nature are indeed breathtaking. Unfortunately, humankind has failed to recognize the value and impact of nature for the present as well as future generations. These stunning birds surely add more beauty, color, and variety to nature. So, check them out and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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