Children Who Grew Up In Conservative Households Share Their ‘Glow Up’ Stories After They Move Out

Independence, Self-confidence, and Courage are the three main pillars of success for everyone. While some of us are lucky enough to have our parents well wishes through our self-discovery, some it might be a never-ending uphill battle which may eventually lead to leaving their family or hometown for good.

We came across such an inspiring story about a couple of TikTokers who shared their impressive personal transformations after they left their conservative households or towns, to break the silence and express how they feel deep inside. These unbelievable stories are inspiring so many others just like them to reveal their own stories of change.

The one whos behind this viral trend is a 19-year-old TikTok user from Utah, who goes by the name “Cherryemojigirl”,


This amazing girl expressed how she was pressured to dress and look a certain way while living at home. But, when she moved out, she completely transformed herself.


Now with her newfound freedom, she can finally dress and look at how she wanted to. She changed her hair, got piercings and tattoos, and got a new vibrant wardrobe to fit her new lifestyle. She bares very little resemblance to who she was just a few years ago.




Cherryemojigirl’s viral TikTok video got an insane amount of attention on the social media platform. It got over 10.1 million views, 2.7 million likes, and 10.6k comments. And, most importantly, the video got others sharing their similar stories about entirely fixing their presence after moving out.

@cherryemojigirlif you knew me in middle and high school, no you didn’t ❤️ feel free to use this audio ##gloup ##transformation♬ growing up conservative glo up – cherryemojigirl 🍒

Popular online magazine Bored Panda conducted an interview with another ‘glow-up’ 24-year-old teacher and writer Jay Burleigh (aka jaybaebae96) who shared her glow-up video after coming out to her family and friends as queer. She added that this was a huge turning point in embracing her identity. “I was terrified for so long of the judgment I’d face and the relationships I’d do but I finally decided that I needed to prioritize myself and accept who I am,” she said.


Scroll down to see some of these extraordinary TikToker ‘glow-ups’ and let us know which ones left the biggest impact on you and why.

Inspired by the trend, other TikTok users shared their own glow-up stories and showed how much they changed

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