5 Cat-Paw Shaped Golden Instruments Unearthed From Ancient Cemetery In China

A group of Chinese archeologists recently discovered five ancient golden ornaments. These bear the shape of a cat’s paw. They were unearthed from a Beibai’e cemetery in the northwestern Shanxi province, which is 2,700 years old. As claimed by Sixth Tone, the paw-shaped trinkets were found on the waist of a buried nobleman.

The name of the archeologist who headed the team is Yang Jiyun. He states that they found the ornaments in tomb No. 1. They are still in the stage of cultural relic sorting. ChinaNews states that these cat-paw-shaped and flake-shaped sets of ornaments should be accessories worn on the body.


Cat-paw shaped ornaments


Cat-paw shaped ornaments

Being part of the Beibai (ge) site, the Beibai’e Cemetery is located in the east of Beibai’e Village, Yingyan Township, Yuanqu County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province. At the start of 2020, a number of archeological investigations occurred on this site. Based on them, archeologists could arrive at the conclusion that this group of tombs belonged to some high-ranking nobles in ancient China.

The Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archeology reported to the State Administration of Cultural Relics to apply for rescue archeological excavations, in February 2020.


Cat-paw shaped ornaments


Cat-paw shaped ornaments

In February last year, the State Administration of Cultural Relics received a report from the Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, applying for rescue archeological excavations. In March 2020, the institute succeeded in obtaining an archeological license. After that, the Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, Yuncheng Cultural Relics Bureau, and Yuanqu Cultural Relics Bureau came together to form the Beibai Goose. The group of archeologists at the cemetery conducted investigations at the cemetery.

The field excavations went on for a period of 8 months, starting in April and ending in December. The team went on to excavate an area of 1,200 square meters. They also excavated nine tombs and seven ash pits.


Cat-paw shaped ornaments


Cat-paw shaped ornaments


Cat-paw shaped ornaments

Observations made from this excavation suggest that the tombs are distributed in this cemetery in a relatively sparse manner. Large and medium-sized tombs with an area of 10 to 31 square meters and a depth of 4 to 12 meters are present in the cemetery.

This archeological excavation bought in lots of rewards, including over 500 sets of a variety of cultural relics. These included bronze, jade, stone, pottery, and also lacquered wood and bones.

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