Stray Cat Brings Her Babies To Meet The Woman Who Helped Her

It’s truly heartwarming to see how certain animals remember humans’ kindness towards them for a long time. This woman from Quebec, Canada, was absolutely shocked to find out that the stray cat she once helped has not only survived, but also given birth to several kittens.

When Lisianne noticed the feline playing alone in her garden, she gave it some food. Since then, the cat would come back every day to receive some food and cuddles, and they developed a strong bond with each other. Lisianne grew so attached to the feline that she even named her ‘Usagi’.

When she noticed that Usagi was gaining weight, Lisianne feared that she was overfeeding her. In reality, however, Usagi was pregnant. Eventually, Usagi birthed six kittens outside and took the newborns to Lisianne one at a time.

cat and babies

A local rescue group called Chatons Orphelins Montréal wrote on a  Facebook post: ‘This lady with a big heart for this cause was watching her, she put food and water in order to help her.’ The post also mentioned that a routine has been established between the feline and Lisianne. Due to this, Lisianne gained confidence and the two started to grow closer.

The post further stated that after giving birth, Usagi carried her kittens with her and settled down next to Lisianne’s house. Lisianne, however, took the mommy and the kittens in and secured them in a room.

cat and babies

Currently, five kittens are under the care of Chatons Ophelins, and the sixth has been adopted by Lisianne’s friend.

All five kittens adopted by the local rescue group look like tuffs of black hair. Three of them; Taylor, Tynie, and Tyana, are females. The other two; Tales and Tito are males. All five of them suffer from conjunctivitis and breathing difficulties, and thankfully they are receiving the necessary treatment and care.

Lisianne thought that it’s best for Usagi if she wouldn’t get pregnant again, in case she wasn’t around to care for her. Therefore, she adopted the cat to ensure her safety and wellbeing.

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