Video Captures Bunny Chomping Snowman’s Carrot Nose In Canada

A bunny chomping a snowman’s carrot nose sounds exactly like a scene out of a weekend cartoon. However, this might be the reality too, if you somehow happen to live in Canada!

The Bryant family from the Cambrian Heights suburb in Calgary posted a video of a cute fluffy bunny nibbling on a snowman’s carrot nose. The heartwarming video went viral on YouTube, capturing the hearts of more than 64k people. Popular news sites including CBC and NBC also featured the endearing video.

Watch The Wholesome Video Below

The hungry bunny is tall and white, almost the same size as the snowman. The adorable thief seemed to be enjoying the carrot immensely. Eventually, it finished the entire carrot until only a little piece is left behind.

Bunny eating snowman's nose

The report by CBC claims that Sheila Bryant captured the video from the phone. Before starting to film, she saw the bunny hop near the snowman. Then, it stood on its hind legs and started feasting on the carrot. While Sheila was filming, Hannah Bryant took the chance to take several photos of the magical scene. The whole Bryant family eagerly watched the scene that looked like it came straight out of a fairytale.

Bunny eating snowman's nose

While admiring the amazing video, it’s important to remember that carrots shouldn’t be a bunny’s main source of food. Sugary foods like carrots should only be given in small amounts, as little treats. A diet containing leafy greens, hay, grass, etc are much better options if you’re raising a pet bunny.

Bunny eating snowman's nose

Responding to the video, one person wrote: “That’s the most Canadian thing I’ve seen this year”. Another user wrote: “If the snowman would have been wearing a mask, this tragedy might not have happened”.

Bunny eating snowman's nose

This video will surely brighten up your day, and make your Christmas even merrier. So watch the video, and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Image credits: Hannah B

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