Brave Cat Is A “Superstar” In Prostheses After Losing Its Legs

Vituzzo Superstar, an orange tabby, has showcased the amazing resilience that is maintained by animals, even in unfavorable situations. A car ran over Vituzzo by accident, in December 2018. Following the horrible accident, the feline was immediately taken to the hospital. He even had to undergo an operation. However, despite the best efforts of the veterinarians, his hind legs could not be saved. During the time of this accident, Vituzzo’s owners were on their honeymoon. Therefore, they could not be by his side to comfort him during this scary experience.

The life of Vituzzo and his parents changed a lot in December 2019. Although he had to face many difficulties that year, the brave cat started to use prostheses to walk again. He started using the sleek, robotic legs to engage in his usual tasks and to move around and play with his other four-legged friends.






However, Vituzzo noticed some obvious differences. Vituzzo said on his Instagram that getting back on his feet with stilts was not an easy task. He explained that it was difficult to get used to not jumping and not being the boss of the neighborhood. But, thanks to the love and support he’s receiving from his parents and those that are close to him, he’s able to spend his days happily. With everyone’s support, Vituzzo is living his best life!






So, check out these pics of Vituzzo in action, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments! You can follow and learn more about him on his Instagram.

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