Study Reveals That Men With Bigger Noses Have Bigger Penises

A recent study revealed that there is indeed a link between the size of the nose and the size of the penis of a man. The study which supports the ‘big nose, big hose’ theory was conducted using 126 corpses.

As claimed by this study, the penile length of men with the biggest noses was stretched by at least 5.3 inches. However, the penile length of those with a smaller nose only amounted to 4.1inches when fully erect. Scientists state that since the penile length is related to nose size, it may not be determined by age, height, or body weight.

Large noses, bigger penis

A team of Japanese researchers examined 126 corpses of middle-aged men, within 3 days of death. They noted down the height, weight, flaccid penile length, penile circumference, right and left testicular weights and prostate weight of the corpses. The task of one scientist was laying the cadaver down, and vertically pulling up the penis as much as possible. This is how the stretched penile length is measured. Scientists claim that this way, the penile length when erect can be measured accurately. The nose size is measured by taking the distance from between one’s eyes to the tip of the nose, the place where nostrils start.

Large noses, bigger penis

Average Penile Length Of Japanese Men Is 4.5 Inches

Statistics reveal that the penile length of men with noses smaller than 1.8 inches goes up to 4.1 inches. Men with 2.2 inch-long noses have a penile length of 5.3 inches. The average penis size of Japanese men is 4.5 inches. This research also revealed a strong link between the flaccid and erect length of a penis.

The study carried out by scientists from the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine was published in Basic and Clinical Andrology. It was an observational study and it didn’t experiment with the reasons for this linkage. The researchers stated that the reason for this link is still unclear and that this would be a very interesting subject to pursue in the future.

Large noses, bigger penis

A previous study suggests that the level of exposure of an unborn baby to androgens can affect the penile length. Androgens are a group of hormones including testosterone. They were linked to the 2D:4D ratio previously. This suggests that being exposed to androgens may result in alterations to the length of a person’s index and ring fingers. Therefore, it will also affect the size ratio of the two digits. Food choices and a person’s sexuality can be also predicted by the 2D:4D ratio and the speculated androgen link, as claimed by previous studies.

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