Dad Demonstrates Bathing A Baby To His Son Using A Cat

Nobody is fully prepared to be a parent when having kids. Learning to be a good parent is a continuous process. Parenting takes so much effort that by the end of the first year, they are just happy that the baby is still alive!

Bath time is one of the most endearing bonding experiences for the parents and their babies. However, this should be done very carefully as the baby is still fragile. Therefore, bathing the baby a pretty arduous task for newbie parents.

If you’re new to parenting or expecting a baby, then this is for you. This Vietnamese soon-to-be grandfather shared a comprehensive video clip on how to bathe a newborn. Not only that, he even used the family cat as a model baby, to add a realistic effect.

The heartwarming video was shared by Facebook user Vinh Quang Phạm and has garnered over 17,000 shares. The grandad is seen gently and affectionately gesturing the instructions as he keeps explaining in Vietnamese: “Hold the baby’s neck, then put your hands on the butt cheeks. This will let you hold the baby in a better grip. Hold his butt and place him down the basin.”

He even explains the way of washing the baby step by step. The grandad says that once the baby is held in a safe grip, some water should be splashed to the head and face of the baby. This should be done in a way that water doesn’t enter the baby’s ears. Once completed, the baby should be wrapped up well, to make sure that he or she isn’t feeling cold.

What’s most surprising about this unusual demonstration is how the little cat stays in his arms. The kitty behaves like a calm baby as if it understood its role of being a model and lets the grandad peacefully demonstrate his bathing technique.

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