Barber Shows Solidarity With Friend With Cancer By Shaving Off Own Hair

A barber named Neftali Martin took the internet by storm after shaving off his own hair to show solidarity with a customer with cancer. Martin shared the wholesome video on his TikTok account @neftabarber. He is undergoing treatment for cancer at the present.

Neftali wanted to record the moment of shaving his hair due to cancer treatment. However, he never expected his co-worker Joel to shave his hair too. Joel did the same as Neftali as an act of solidarity, which is truly heartwarming. Neftali’s TikTok has over 9 million views. In the emotional footage, Neftali is seen tearing up when he understands what Joel is doing.

Watch The Wholesome Video Below

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After the two friends are done with shaving their heads and have received their new looks, Jeol goes on to comfort Neftali. He gets rid of the remaining hair on their heads using a hairdryer.

Later, Neftali shared the video on Instagram too. There, he explained in detail what took place in the barbershop in Alicante, Spain. He stated that “You are not alone” were the words that Joel, his great friend, and co-worker, told him immediately after shaving his head. Neftali also shared that Joel was going to continue shaving with him until his hair grows back. He also wrote that Joel is like a brother to him.

The Lords and Barbers account also shared the video. They wrote that they want to go through these hard times together with Neftali and that they want to show him the true meaning of friendship. They continued: “For the moments that we have passed and those that we have left to live. What the barbershop unites, let no one separate it.”

Here’s How People Reacted To The Video


Barber shaves head to show solidarity
Credit – TikTok / Helena Tugadam


Barber shaves head to show solidarity
Credit – TikTok / Jacob Plank


Barber shaves head to show solidarity
Credit – Trish Wilson-Wright


Barber shaves head to show solidarity
Credit – TikTok / Josh Eaves

The viral video was flooding with so many emotional and supportive comments. What are your thoughts about their beautiful friendship and brotherhood? Check out the video and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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