Ballerina With Alzheimer’s Recalls Swan Lake When Hearing The Music

Marta C. Gonzalez, who passed away in 2019, used to be a ballerina in her youth. She suffered from Alzheimer’s disease which is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory, thinking skills, and eventually, the ability to carry out even the simplest tasks. However, in a recently surfaced video, Marta is shown elegantly dancing to Swan Lake, recalling the exact movements of the choreography.

In the video, Marta is sitting in a wheelchair at a care home in Valencia. Then, a caregiver places headphones on her and plays Tschaikovsky’s Swan Lake, which is a song she used to dance to when she was young.

Check Out The Heartwarming Video Below

Immediately after the music starts to play, Marta is seemingly moved as she begins to remember the decade-old choreography. Within seconds, her hands automatically start to follow the music. Triggered by the familiar music which her heart remembers, Marta gracefully acts out the dance she once performed on stage. Back in the 1960s, she used to be one of the chief female dancers in the New York Ballet.

Marta Gonzalez

The video was shared on Facebook by actor Antonio Banderas. He wrote that he hoped the heartwarming video would act in the capacity of a ‘well-deserved recognition of her art and her passion’.

Marta Gonzalez

Many people were mesmerized by how Tschaikovsky’s music managed to beat Alzheimer’s. One user commented: “Your brain doesn’t forget anything. One loses the connection to it. Exposed to the right trigger memories come back again”. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments.

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