Adorable Baby Elephant ‘Dances’ In The Road For Safari Tourists In South Africa

Sometimes, animals warm our hearts unexpectedly, without even trying. Just observing animals can be absolutely therapeutic sometimes. Take a look at this adorable baby elephant putting on a little wiggly dance for the crowds, it will surely be an instant serotonin boost!

The footage was filmed at Kruger National Park, South Africa. In the video, an excited baby elephant is doing a little dance in the middle of the road, wiggling its tail side to side and swinging its trunk. He even stamps his feet on the ground, and kicks his legs out, happily showing off for the tourists that are watching him.

Watch The Video Below

During the endearing performance, the giant infant’s large ears flap as it shakes its body from side to side. The infant is seen excitedly nodding its head at the audience. The people watching him are careful not to interrupt the baby elephant’s display, filming and laughing quietly, letting the infant hold his pose for some time.


baby elephant dancing


baby elephant dancing

After a while, the elephant walks off towards his mother. His excitement is shown even by his walk as it carries a little bounce. Also, the giant baby doesn’t forget to theatrically cross its front legs while walking. Later, the mother elephant is seen emerging from the grass. The moment she comes to the road, the baby stays close to her right side.

The baby elephant is unable to stay still in the footage, bobbing its head, and lowering its front legs in a way that its trunk touches the ground, continuously. Failing to calm down, the animal then proceeds to walk forward and backward before finally heading to its mother. At the end of the video, the duo is joined by another couple of elephants.


baby elephant dancing


baby elephant dancing

The video was initially shared in June 2019 but has gone viral recently. The original poster of the video wrote: ‘While leading a wildlife safari in the world-famous Kruger National Park, we had this incredible and comical sighting of this baby elephant dancing and playing on the road in front of us.’

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