Baby Beluga Whale Washed Up On Shore Rescued By Young Boys

A few months ago, when a family was enjoying a peaceful vacation near St. Lawrence River, Canada, they came across an unexpected guest on the shore. It was none other than an adorable newborn beluga whale.

Baby beluga rescued

It was the young boys of the family that first noticed the poor whale that was lying helpless on the riverbank. Fortunately, 15-year-old Nicholas Milliard and his younger brothers took quick action to safeguard the life of the newborn calf.

The newborn whale has lost her mother recently, and it was just hours old at the time of being rescued. In fact, even the umbilical cord was still attached to her body.

Baby beluga rescued

Milliard told CBC News that in order to retain water to hydrate her body, they dug a hole in the sand. Every five minutes, they would get a new bucket of water as the water level kept dropping. However, with time, filling the hole with water became more and more difficult.

Baby beluga rescued

Luckily, the family from Quebec successfully kept the baby Beluga alive, safe, and sound until help arrived. The baby whale was moved back into the water by the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals (GREMM).

Baby beluga rescued

The GREMM released the rescued beluga near another family of beluga whales. Since the baby beluga was just hours old, she desperately needed a lactating mother. The rescuers hope that she will be fed by one of the females in the other family.

The beluga population in the area has been on a fall lately. Therefore, the survival of the young calf is significant. So, how do you feel about this wholesome story? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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