Animal Abusers In Australia To Undergo 2 Years In Prison And $110,000 Fine

As a result of a new set of rules which will come into the law in Australia in November, people who abuse animals will be presented with a long prison sentence and a huge fine. These extremely strict laws will apply to those who mistreat animals that are in their possession.

The harshest punishment included in the revised set of laws is; up to 2 years and a $110,000 (AUD) fine. This $110,000 fine has been increased five times starting from $22,000. Also, a $16,000 fine is set to be imposed on those who fail to offer their pets adequate food and shelter. This was also increased from a $5500 fine and a 6 months jail period.

domestic animals
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Adam Marshall, Australia’s Minister of Agriculture, is set to legislate these laws as soon as possible. This will hopefully safeguard the rights of animals and impact their lives in a better way. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph Australia, Marshall stated that those who abuse animals are undoubtedly the worst type of people and that they are absolute scum.

He further explained that when these laws are passed, New South Wales will have the toughest set of rules and regulations against animal cruelty in Australia.

domestic animals
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Cruelty against animals is one of the most prevalent issues worldwide. RSPCA receives around 14,000 complaints related to animal abuse annually. But, only about 100 of them are prosecuted, therefore the majority of abusers escape without any sort of punishment. The main purpose of imposing these laws is to see a reduction in the number of such abuses.

The consequence of being found guilty for animal abuse will be being prohibited from owning pets ever again. Through this law, the courts will be getting the powers to issue orders for individuals anywhere in NSW from owning, caring, or breeding an animal for the rest of their lives, for the very first time.

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