This Scythian Shoe Found In Altai Mountains Has Been Preserved for 2,300 Years

The unique yet mysterious glamour and charm of ancient artifacts never fail to fascinate us. However, it’s not always that archeologists manage to find artifacts that have lasted for centuries in perfect condition. In 1948, archeologists discovered an absolutely striking shoe that’s estimated to be 2300 years old in the Altai mountains in Siberia. Along with this, other significant artifacts including weapons and jewelry were found. These unique women’s boot features extremely intricate and stunning bedazzled patterns. Also, its soft red leather sole features an attractive geometric design sewn using black beads and pyrite crystals.

The Beading Of This Shoe Is Truly Mesmerizing

Ancient Scythian shoe

Scythians were nomads that traveled across Eurasia. Similar to many other ancient civilizations, it was a tradition of Scythians to bury their dead along with their essentials and belongings. People believed that this tradition helps them travel to the afterlife. For burials, Scythians made wooden cabin-like structures in the ground. Then, they filled these log coffins with the body of the deceased and their possessions. The scrupulous preparation and the permafrost of the Altai mountains helped beautifully preserve this breathtaking shoe.

Ancient Scythian shoe
Source – Dbachmann via Wikimedia Commons

The stunning shoe became a hot topic online thanks to its exquisite beading. Many people were curious about the magnificent details. Historians state that socializing in front of a fire, while sitting on their knees, used to be a habit of Scythians. Therefore, others can notice the details on the sole, so it was a significant component of their attire.

Currently, this mesmerizing shoe is kept in the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, as part of its collection of ancient artifacts.

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