These Amethyst Mushrooms Look Like A Galaxy

Diving into wonderful nature will always bring a bunch of wholesome surprises to your doorstep. Among those countless surprises of nature, a mushroom may sound quite ordinary. However, if you’ve ever seen an amethyst mushroom, you’d never forget its elegant beauty. It has an entire galaxy in a single mushroom, as if fantasy, colors, and nature, all rolled into one.

The Amethyst mushroom or Elaeomyxa Cerifera was first discovered in 1942. These extravagant mushrooms are found on large logs or stumps covered in leafy liverworts and moss, especially in Tasmania. The fungi’s fruiting structures snap open resembling an impressive mini-universe.


Amethyst mushrooms


Amethyst mushrooms
Anyone who sees them falls in love with its stunning beauty almost instantaneously. Scientist Sarah Lloyd was no exception. She was enchanted by these mushrooms as soon as she first spotted them on her property. The fascination compelled her to inquire about all the mushrooms around the world. She spends the majority of her time researching and photographing such brilliant species of mushrooms. Up until now, she has collected around 1,700 varieties of species of fungi in matchboxes.


Amethyst mushrooms
Amethyst mushrooms are brilliantly colored by nature in bright colors, shimmering in purples with touches of blue and green. It is an exceptionally infrequent mushroom to come across. If you do visit Tasmania any time in the future, make sure to look for one. But bear in mind to take the right equipment with you.


Amethyst mushrooms


Amethyst mushrooms

Confusion alert: Amethyst mushroom or Elaeomyxa Cerifera is not the same as Amethyst Deceiver mushroom, scientifically known as Laccaria amethystine.

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