Adorable Bear Cubs Hold Hands While Their Mom Is Hunting

Many people feel greatly frightened and threatened by wild animals. It’s undoubtedly true that they can be extremely intimidating and dangerous, however, they also have their soft and heartwarming moments. There are lots of instances where wild animals have shown us incredibly tender and wholesome interactions with each other. A couple of adorable bear cubs holding hands is definitely such a sight. Lewis Kemper, a wildlife photographer, was fortunate to be in the right place at the perfect time in order to capture these absolutely endearing photographs.

Kemper, aged 62, is a photographer based in California. He captured amazing pictures of the cubs at the Lake Clark National Park. They were holding hands while their mom was hunting dinner. Lewis states that when he took the photos, he was standing about 20 feet away from the two cubs. He further explains that cubs in the area are used to humans and that they held hands for roughly 20 seconds. Unfortunately, although the hungry cubs were eagerly waiting for their dinner, the mother came back empty-handed. This isn’t a surprise, as bears only have a 10% success rate in hunting, as claimed by experts. Also, even though bears love to eat fish, they mainly consume plants, especially grass. Most of the bears are omnivores.

So, what are your thoughts about these adorable bear cubs? Aren’t they wholesome? Make sure to check out the heartwarming pictures below and share your thoughts with us in the comments!


Bear cubs holding hands


Bear cubs holding hands


Bear cubs holding hands


Bear cubs holding hands

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Image credits: Lewis Kemper

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