A Truck Driver Went Into An Animal Zoo Enclosure That Was Supposed To Be Off-Limits To Save A Drowning Chimpanzee When No One Else Would

Rick Swope’s trip to the Detroit Zoo turned out to be an extraordinary experience. When Swope saw two chimpanzees “playing,” he couldn’t help but be mesmerized. Swope looked closer and saw that one chimp was aggressively chasing the other. Suddenly, the chimpanzee on the run lost his footing and fell into the water below.

Fortunately, the zoo’s cameras caught the whole thing. Astonishingly, there was no zookeeper in the area who could assist. The chimpanzee was quickly submerged as the water engulfed him. Jojo, the chimp, was unable to swim.

Following His Heart

His gut told him he had no choice but to defy the zoo’s safety regulations. He jumped into the water to save the chimp who was about to drown inside the enclosure.

Swope describes the entire ordeal as “heartbreaking.” He told the media that JoJo had his hands up and his little head was protruding from the surface of the water. When he looked out into the crowd, it was as if he knew he needed help, but no one came forward to offer it.

As Swope ran over to the chimp to pull him out of the water, he slipped back into the water and submerged himself. He had to be dragged back to the beach by Swope.

The hostile chimp then charged down the hill toward Swope, his teeth bared. Swope was aware that he was running out of time. At this point, the only thing left to do was get the chimpanzee out of there.

The chimpanzee was released by the hero, and he ran out of the enclosure at full speed. Now that his good deed had been completed, he was on his way back to safety.

The audience burst into applause for Swope. Would you have put your own life at risk in order to save this vulnerable animal? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Animal Planet/YouTube

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