9 Things Your Tongue Can Tell About Your Health

Some of our body parts are designed in a way that can send us signals about problems and illnesses that are about to get worse just like sensors in a modern car. We might not realize but our tongue is one of such great indicators designed to provide us with a lot of info about our health.

Epic Universe decided to share a couple of important insights your tongue can provide so that if you see one you know what to do.

A Cherry red color


This indicates that you don’t get enough vitamins in your system. If the tongue is glossy or cherry red, it means that you don’t have enough iron or vitamin B12. If the situation worsens, there may be strong pains when drinking hot drinks and eating spicy foods. In such an instance, you should consult a doctor and reevaluate your diet choices.

Black or brown plaque


Black or brown plaque on the tongue can look quite scary but most of the time it is only a sign of bad hygiene, smoking, or even caused by consuming a lot of coffee or black tea. As a result, there can be an unpleasant smell from the mouth, and difficulties recognizing tastes may occur. By regularly brushing your tongue and avoiding the above bad habits will help you overcome this quickly.

A lot of white plaque


White plaque that looks a bit like cottage cheese can be symptoms of a yeast infection or moniliasis. These appear when Candida albicans grow excessively on a tongue due to reasons such as antibiotics, diabetes, a weak immune system, or high blood pressure. It’s suggested to channel a doctor for further assessment.

Wrinkled tongue


A wrinkly tongue can just be a sign of aging (yup tongues grow old too). Usually, these cracks are nothing to be worried about but, if you don’t brush your teeth regularly, contamination can develop. A fungal infection can develop inside the crack and cause severe pain and burning like feel.

Little white patches on the tongue


Such spots can be a sign that there is something that is irritating the skin. These spots are mainly caused by an overproduction of cells in people who smoke. Alarmingly 5% to 17% of these cells can be precancer cells. If the spots don’t fade away within several weeks, you should consult a doctor and have all the required tests done as soon as possible.

Red spots and swellings


Red spots and small wounds/swellings on a tongue that won’t go away for a long period of time can be an indication of a really serious health problem. They often indicate symptoms of tongue cancer. If you see such marks you should definitely channel a doctor ASAP.

A burning sensation


This is a common issue among women going through menopause which is driven by substantial hormonal changes, especially right when menopause starts. Also, toothpaste allergies can cause similar problems, and seeing a doctor is advised.

Bumps and pits


This is quite a rare condition and not dangerous at all. If you have no pain, stop worrying about them

Aching blisters


These can be caused by oral thrush, a disease most common with children, but 20% of adults to have a chance of having this. Stress and a weak immune system can be the main cause of this and usually they disappear within 2 weeks. In case they don’t, you should go see a doctor. Also, having a good rest and take better care of your health could help prevent such issues in the future.

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