10 Signs Your Body Gives You When Something’s Wrong

Your body is constantly sending signs to you about what’s going on inside. But sometimes these signs are too subtle or we don’t pay enough attention to them until it becomes something far more serious.

We at Epic Universe have made a shortlist of things your body may try to tell you in hopes to save you before it’s too late.

Feeling thirsty all the time


According to medical experts, it’s not normal to feel thirsty all the time. There are some cases when it can be connected to the food that you eat, so if you haven’t had too many spicy or salty foods. The nonstop thirst could also be a sign of diabetes or even pregnancy.

Craving to munch on ice


An irresistible urge crunch ice can be a symptom of an iron deficiency or anemia as some research has shown. You may want to get your blood tests taken to check and see if you need to start taking supplements.

Salt crazy

salt shaker

Everyone enjoys a little salt in their food. It’s not an issue to like salty food but when you can’t control it anymore and salty food becomes the only thing you want to eat, it’s time to ask yourself why. This can signify an iron deficiency, anemia, dehydration, or premenstrual syndrome, according to medical sources.

Irritation and aggressive behavior


Unprovoked bursts of anger may not always be a result of your personality. Some researchers believe it could be connected to depression. According to them, depression isn’t always just about having a lack of energy or experiencing sadness.

A swarming, creeping feeling in your feet

creeping feeling in your legs

If there’s a strange feeling in your legs and feet like swarming, creeping, or the urge to move, it may be a symptom of Restless Leg Syndrome. This can be a long-term illness and you often feel this at night when you’re trying to get some sleep.

Thickening of the skin


Although it doesn’t sound serious, never ignore or underestimate if your skin becomes thick and itchy, this can be a sign of several internal problems like a hormonal disorder, eczema, or allergies. You should get a blood test done if this problem persists or if it appears to be getting worse.

A change in writing, a loss of smell, and frequent nightmares


Ever heard of Parkinson’s disease? Sure, but not many of us are familiar with its symptoms. Tremors, slowness of movement, poor sleep along with nightmares, and speech and writing changes can be signs of the disease according to doctors.

Too much sleep

Too much sleep

According to the doctors, this disorder is called hypersomnia. Some autoimmune diseases may cause the sensation of wanting to fall asleep just about anywhere anytime. Also, having alcoholic beverages before sleeping may cause this effect.

Changes in eye color


If you notice a white or grey ring around the cornea of the eyes, it may be a sign of high cholesterol if you are under 45 years old. The ring is harmless by itself and has only a visual effect and will not interfere with your eyesight according to doctors.

Amnesia, exhaustion, and a low libido


Do not confuse this with depression because it looks like you’re so tired and fed up with everything that you don’t have the energy to remember things. Doctors explain that it’s better not to ignore such a condition because it can signify a thyroid hormone issue in the body. You also may gain weight and feel cold.

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